Dixie 2016

Dixie 2016 is quickly approaching! We have less than a month to prepare for this unforgettable event!

We will host Dixie 2016 on April 22-24 at Knox Scout Reservation. In order to successfully pull off an event on such a large scale we will need the help of every willing Arrowman. To encourage participation, the fee will only be $35.00. For dues paid, Bob White Lodge members, the $35.00 fee not only includes all Dixie meals, activities and a 2016 Dixie patch, but also a Staff T-Shirt, Staff Hat and Dixie 2016 Lodge Flap. We will also have pizza available for all Bob White Lodge members Friday night and we will have a Staff appreciation catered lunch on Sunday, April 24th.

Click here for a PDF copy of the staff sign up sheet.

Click here for an online copy of  the staff sign up sheet.

2016 Spring Ordeal

Be sure to sign up for Spring Ordeal soon as the deadline for early bird is quickly approaching. If you sign up prior to March 7th then you will receive a discount of $10. The links to sign up can be found below:

Online Registration: 2016 Spring Ordeal Registration

Registration Form: Registration Forms

Scouts, be sure to promote this event within your troops at troop meetings and other events. Every scout plays a crucial role in promoting this event and we need your support to make it a successful one. If your troop has not yet held an OA Election this calendar year, we strongly suggest you request one using the link in the posting immediately following this one.

Unit Elections

With Spring Ordeal fast approaching, there are many Units that have not completed an election this year. If your Unit has not conducted elections this year please contact us by clicking on the link below and filling out the form. Once you submit we will be sure to send an election team to your Unit as quickly as possible.

Elections Form


2016 Winter Banquet

Registration is now open for the Lodge’s 2016 Winter banquet! The details are as follows:

Date: January 21st

Time: 7:00 – 8:30 P.M.

Location: Trinity on the Hill UMC (1330 Monte Sano Ave, Augusta, GA 30904)

Price: $10 for the first Arrowmen and $3 for each Arrowmen and family member after.

Early Bird Price: $7 (This only applies to the first registrant in a group)

Early Bird Cutoff Date: January 9th

Registration Cutoff: January 13th (NO WALK UPS)

The Winter banquet is always an amazing opportunity for Arrowmen from around the council to gather together and enjoy a night of good food and fellowship. There will be multiple raffles at the banquet so it could be your lucky night! This year we are offering online registration as well as the normal in office registration. Click either here or on the “Register” tab above to find links to both the 2016 registration form and online registration for the banquet. We look forward to seeing you there!

2015 OARelief Corp: Operation Carolina Relief



Fellow Arrowmen,


As many of you may know, many areas of South Carolina have been devastated following Hurricane Joaquin. These areas were in desperate need of help and still are. Following the strike of Hurricane Joaquin, Section SR-5 leadership took it upon themselves to reboot the Southern Region Relief-Corp with Operation Carolina Relief. By doing so, they encouraged each lodge in the section to do their part and help out those who are in need.

I now call upon each Arrowman in the lodge to do their part in helping out those less fortunate than ourselves. The lodge will be running a 13 day food drive to help those people in need. All of the proceeds for the food drive will go directly to the Harvest Hope Food Bank of South Carolina There are currently 2 drop-off locations, however, a few more may become available as the drive wears on. The food drive will start on December 3rd and run until December 15th. The current drop-off locations and contacts are as follows:


Carter Harwell                   CJ Mitchell
1077 Cumberland          1030 Bedford Dr.
Dr. Evans GA                   Augusta GA
(706) 955-5729               (706) 799-1314


You are welcome to drop-off your donations at either of these locations any day of the food drive between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. We recommend you contact your locations contact prior to dropping your goods off just to let them know you are coming. Attached you will find a flier listing what goods the food bank currently needs. The 20 Arrowmen that donate the largest quantity of goods will receive a patch for their efforts free of charge. If you are one of these 20 people you will be contacted by email sometime after the drive is over. In order to be eligible for the patch you must fill out the form attached, print it out, and include it with your donated goods.


I once again urge each and every one of you to do your part in helping out someone who really needs it. In times like this we must remember the iconic words of E. Urner Goodman “he who Serves his fellows is, of all his fellows, greatest”. If you have any further questions about the food drive or are interested in helping out by becoming a drop-off location, feel free to email me at bobwhitelodgechief@hotmail.com.


Yours In Brotherhood,
Carter C. Harwell
Bob White Lodge Chief


OARelief Corp Form

Dixie 2015



There is great news from Dixie! Here are the highlights from the weekend:

– Section Honor Lodge Recognition

– 1st Place Planbook

– 1st Place Totem Pole: Hand Tools

– 2nd Place Training

– 3rd Place Rope Throw

Also, Bob White is now the home of the Centennial Section Chief, Reed Powell!