New Lodge Leadership

As the year is coming to a close, so is our lodge officer’s terms. We would like to take a second to thank all of the current officers for their service, and welcome in the new officers.

For the year of 2016, your elected youth officials were:

Lodge Chief: Jacob Neville

VC of Admin: Joe Neely

VC of Inductions: Carter C. Harwell

VC of Program: Parker Powell

We would like to thank these individuals, and everyone in a lodge leadership position for all of their hard work  to make the year of a 2016 a successful one.

For the year of 2017, your elected youth officials will be:

Lodge Chief: Carter C. Harwell

VC of Admin: Parker Powell

VC of Inductions: Nicholas Koenig

VC of Program: Jacob Neville

We hope that you will wish these people a warm welcome and support them in any way possible. They will officially take office on January 1st, and their terms will end on December 31st of 2017. Besides new youth officers, Bob White will also be receiving a new lodge advisor. We would like to extend a very special thanks to Mr. Steve Kerr, the current lodge advisor, for the years of hard work that he has poured into the lodge. We cannot thank him enough for all of his service to the lodge. With that being said, we would like for everyone to welcome in the new 2017 lodge advisor, Mr. Robert Reeder. Mr. Reeder will officially become the advisor on January 1st. We look forward to seeing what this new team of individuals will accomplish in 2017, and we hope that you will give them your full support.