2018 Spring Events

Hello everyone!

As February approaches, we have a couple of events coming up. Next month we will be hosting our annual Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) at the Georgia-Carolina Scout Office on February 17th, 2018 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The price is $10 overall, no early bird pricing. You can pay at the scout office or online, which is soon to air.

Another event that is right on our doorstep is Spring Ordeal on March 16-18th. Emails will be sent out to all Brotherhood eligible candidates to remind them of the opportunity. We are also trying to reach out to all Troops in the council’s parameters, so help us out to spread the word. We are looking for elangomats to help out with the weekend; if you are interested, please email our Vice Chief of Inductions Robert Bolton Jr. or the Ordeal Chair Breck Brigham for more information. Their contact information will be down below. You can register for the event at the scout office or at https://www.gacacouncil.org/2018spord

Lastly, we have the annual SR-5 Dixie Conclave on April 27-29th. Our theme will be revealed at the LLD, along with corresponding spirit items and lodge pre-order form. We have reserved 75 slots, so make sure to register soon before it is too late! You can register at the scout office and at https://www.gacacouncil.org/2018OADix

I hope to see everyone soon!

Yours in Brotherhood,

Nicholas T. Koenig

Bob White Lodge Chief

Vice Chief of Inductions Email- Bobbysr7193@yahoo.com

Ordeal Chair email- breck.brigham.iii@gmail.com