Arrowman of the Year Award

The Arrowman of the Year award is presented annually to one Youth Arrowman who has rendered the most outstanding service to the Lodge during their tenure in the OA.

Below are the previous recipients.

YearAward Recipient
2019Chris Johnson
2018Nicholas Koenig
2017Parker Powell
2016Robert Bolton Jr.
2015Carter C. Harwell
2014Jacob Neville
2013Tommy Barfield
2012David Fisher
2011Chris Clegg
2010Matt Morton
2009Michael “Dewey” Williams
2008Zachary Brailer
2007Todd Garcia
2006Alex Lee
2005Corderra Lee
2004Jimmy O’Hara
2003Tim DeBow
2002Josh Ball
2001Joe Dorsey
2000Anand Suthar
1999Michael Gehrt
1998Zachary Smith
1997Nicholas Williamson
1996Clayton Allport
1995Jay Widby
1994Mike Junkins
1993James Widby
1992Clarence Wright
1991Gabe Garner
1990Jarrell Pair
1989Mike Adams
1988Graham Murray
1987Ken Murray
1986Chuck Thomas
1984Bill Klukas
1983Cameron Nixon
1982Paul Raines
1981Kenneth Soule

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