Founders Award

The Founders Award is given in memory of our Founders. It is presented to one member of the Lodge who had rendered an outstanding amount of service to the Lodge over a period of time. If more than one is presented annually, at least one of the recipients must be a youth.


Below are some of the previous recipients


Year Youth Recipient Adult Recipient
2017 Carter C. Harwell Steve Kerr
2016 Eric Ortiz Mike Morton
2015 Reed Powell Lauren Francisco
2014 David Fisher Chad Stokes
2013 Richard Baker Jr. Kent Plunkett
2012 Nathan Fisher Michael Marbert
2011 Matt Morton Suellen Cermenaro
2010 Douglas R. Massey, III Douglas R. Massey, Jr.
2009 Patrick Garcia John T. Garcia
2008 Robert Rule Mike Dorsey
2007 Alex Lee Greg Sewell
2006 Corderra Lee Jim Waldron
2005 Charles Magee Rick Mann
2004 Kane Bonnette Greg Francisco
2003 Anand Suthar Carl Jacobs
2002 Frank Toole Jim O’Hara
2001 No Youth Jim Luhring
2000 Tommy Luhring Steve Hevel
1999 No Youth Terry Pearson
1998 John Hootman Joyce Widby
1997 James Widby Bill Charters
1996 Jay Widby Carey Crawford
1995 Mike Junkins Carl Jacobs
1994 No Youth Francis Zimmerman
1993 No Youth No Adult
1992 No Youth Paul Whittle





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