J. Rucker Newbery Service Award


This award is presented in honor of the founder of the Bob White Lodge, who was also a former Scout Executive of the Georgia-Carolina Council. Chief Newbery first presented the award in 1977. For that year and that year only, it was presented to three adults and three youth. Currently, it is awarded to one youth and one adult annually.

Below are some of the previous recipients

YearYouth RecipientAdult Recipient
2019Parker PowellDavid Kenney
2018Robert Bolton, Jr.Tracy Waller
2017Justin SchwabTracy Price
2016Carter C. HarwellC. J. Mitchel
2015Eric OrtizBill Thompson
2014Richard Baker Jr.Drew Weigl
2013Brandt BoudreauxMichael Marbert
2012Chris CleggGene Fisher
2011Patrick GarciaJohn T. Garcia
2010Zachary BrailerDaniel Gwinn
2009Douglas R. Massey, IIISuellen Cermenaro
2008Todd GarciaHarold Van Duyn
2007Charles MageePatsy Magee
2006Jimmy O’HaraRick Mann
2005Kane BonneteGreg Sewell
2004Paul PlunkettJim Waldron
2003Joe DorseyDennis Moore
2002Michael GehrtCarl Jacobs
2001Anand SutharJim Luhring
2000Frank TooleKent Plunkett
1999Nick WilliamsonJim O’Hara
1998Eric NelkenJerry Lindner
1997Clayton AllportTerry Pearson
1996John HootmanJoyce Widby
1995Jay WidbyBill Charters
1994Bill WrightCarey Crawford
1993Mike JunkinsSteve Hevel
1992Jeff PuryearJim Puryear
1991Clarence WrightGreg Czech
1990Mike AdamsCarl Adams
1989*Removed as Requested* 
1988Bill KlukasRobbie Valentine
1987David BerlinKenneth Black
1986Chris HolzNo Adult Recipient
1985Robert BoquistNo Adult Recipient
1984Donald Canday, JrBob Grant
1983Chip GrantGreg Francisco
1983Adam Manfriedonia 
1982Paul RainesWilliam Raines
1981Kenneth SouleDavid Earnest
1980Chuck PowellJim Schofield
1979Phil DraughtonJohn Pierson
1978Charles RayTaylor Powell
1977Jimmy GeerCalvin Benson
1977Wally ShealyJim Newman
1977David SurrettPaul Whittle

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