James E. West Award

Every year, the Lodge donates $1,000.00 to the Council Endowment Fund as part of its support for the Council. It authorizes the Lodge to receive a James E. West Foundation Award. We may confer the Award on a deserving Lodge Member as an honor for their service. Unlike an individual James E. West application, the honoree does not donate the $1,000.00 himself. The donation comes from Lodge funds and then the Lodge confers the award on the recipient.
There is no criterion in determining who should be honored by the donation. It is left to the discretion of the Awards Committee.

Below are some of the previous recipients

YearAward Recipient
2019Ed Shannon
2018Dawn Diver
2017Reed Powell
2016Jonathan Rosier
2015Laura Clegg
2014Bryan Rosier
2013Mark Johnson, II
2012John T. Garcia
2011Nick Brailer
2010W. Carey Crawford
2009Greg Sewell
2008Alex Lee
2007Bob Rule
2006Frank Toole
2004Carl Adams
2003Chubby Earnest (Posthumously)

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