Vigil Honor

The Vigil Honor was first bestowed upon E. Urner Goodman by the Unami Lodge in 1915, and has since been conferred annually as a national recognition upon OA members for noteworthy service to others through the OA and Scouting. New Vigil Honor members are nominated, approved, and inducted annually in virtually all current OA lodges.

Below is a list of all previous Recipients:

YearVigil HonoreeVigil Name
2018Breck BrighamProud Helper
2018Robert Bolton, Jr.Cheerful Friend
2018Jacob DarlakYoung Guide
2018Parker PowellYouthful Flame
2018Ed ShannonPraised Merchant
2018Nicholas WallerHappy Pickle
2017Nicholas Koenig
2017Lauren Francisco
2017Jacob Neville
2017Jonathan Francisco
2017Corky Combs
2016Carter HarwellYoung Eagle
2016Creg CombsCheerful Chief
2016Will GreenawayHappy Fish
2016Dawn Diver Spirit Teacher
2016Chris Bennett Spirit Cook
2015Reed PowellChief of Land to the Horizon
2015Tommy BarfieldQuail with Big Voice
2015Jesus OrtizCalm Leader who Serves
2015Bill BreedloveHelpful Silver Beaver
2015Keith JonesMerchant that Creates Pictures
2014Billy RosierIndustrious Beaver
2014Ty LaValleyThe Lord’s Scout
2014Paul KorinkoEarnest Scientist
2014Fleety FleetwoodRed-Haired Teacher
2014Justin SchwabQuiet Diligent One
2014Nick PalmCheerful Entertainer
2014Jacob GueSkilled Huntsman
2013Tracy PriceBuffalo who cuts with Knife
2013Brendan TaylorServant of the Lord
2013Rich Baker Sr.Exuberant Leader
2013Anand MarugappanEnergetic Fox
2013David FisherMerchant who perseveres
2013Luke MarbertWriter who cares for Animals
2013Austin CaldwellQuiet Wolf who Leads
2012Mark Johnson, IIFlying Warrior Cook
2012Aaron RobisonAlways Helpful One
2012Susan EcklundNurse Builder
2012Richard Baker, Jr.Friendly Inquiring One
2012Charles StokesFather of Many Eagles
2012Bill ThompsonCook Who Follows the Rules
2011Chris CleggQuiet Traveler
2011David EcklundSailor Who Does Good Work
2011Doug WyattAccomplished One Who Teaches
2011Laura CleggCaring Wise One
2011Nathan FisherExcellent Trader
2010Alan HardingMighty Busy Cook
2010Alex CleggWilling Guide
2010Greg FranciscoDiligent Writer
2010Mike MarbertWoodcutter Who Has Authority
2010Rick CleggWarrior Fox
2010William KenneyEast Wind who comes West
2009David KenneyQuiet East Wind
2009Eric FisherEagle Who Soars High
2009Matt MortonHumble Brother
2009Michael WilliamsQuiet Worthy One
2009Lyle Eugene FisherSpiritual Medicine Man
2009Sherald RodgersGenerous Woodcutter
2008David LindnerQuiet One Who Does Good Works
2008Douglas Massey, Jr.Strong Spiritual Leader
2008Glenn Michael MortonBeaver With Knife
2008Robert RuleSpirit Warrior
2008Taylor HaddonTall One Who Serves
2008Zach BrailerSecretary Who Has Good Spirits
2007Alfred Moore, Sr.One Eyed Buffalo
2007Dan GwinnFireman Who Babbles
2007Jon EcklundExcited Fire Maker
2007Ryan BabulaJovial Brother
2007Todd GarciaDeep Thinking Proud One
2006Alex LeeArdent One Who Follows
2006Charles MasonModest Manager
2006Doug MasseyFast Running Confident One
2006Gary HaasInpatient Advisor
2006John GarciaJust Eagle
2006Patrick GarciaHard Working Laughing One
2006Patsy MageeMother Who Cooks
2006Wesley MannTalkative Dancer
2005Brandon MoringQuiet Brother
2005Carol BlunckHard Working Teacher
2005Charles MageeSilent Cook
2005Corderra LeeHard Working Friend
2005James BabulaBald Eagle Who Teaches
2005Mike DorseyCheerful One Who Cooks
2005Pete CatoLoud Speaking Lifesaver
2004Greg SewellGentle One Who Assists
2004Jeff HaasForgetful Willing One
2004Jim WaldronAgreeable Buffalo
2004Jimmy O’HaraBright Prudent One
2004Jimmy WaldronQuiet Cordial One
2004Micheal GuobatisQuiet Modest One
2004Richard Craig IIIHe Who Serves Goes Swiftly
2004Rick MannArdent One Who Creates With Hands
2003Aaron HollandBrotherhood
2003Bradley JacobsLively One
2003Joseph DorseyAgreeable One
2003Paul PlunkettPeaceable One
2002Austin RedfernLarge Chief Who Babbles
2002Bubba LaytonPatch Trader
2002Kane BonnetteLong Knife
2002Walter NealLaw Maker With Leaky Canoe
2002Zach SmithYoung Brother in the Shadow of the Lodge
2001Aaron EmmonsYounger Brother Who Goes Away
2001Frank TooleBrother Who Comes Back
2001Kent PlunkettGenerous Bear
2001Sue Ellen CerminaroHard Working Raven
2001Tushar SutharChicken With One Wing
2000Anand SutharMighty Chief Who Is Willing
2000David BrighamLoud Guard Who Is Determined
2000Jason BrighamQuiet One Who Cares
2000Margaret CardenDiligent Mother Hen Who Pushes
2000Michael GhertConsiderate One Who Cooks
1999Carl JacobsLittle Owl With Big Sausage
1999C. J. MitchelCalm Minded One Who Works
1999Eric NelkenBright One Who Buys
1999Jeremiah SmithJocular One Who Waits To Work
1999Nick WilliamsonHard Worker Who Preserves
1999Tommy LuhringMedicine Man Who Dances With Thunder
1998Chris Tanner*Unknown*
1998Dave SomersKnowledgeable Beaver
1998Jim LuhringBearded Advisor Who Leads
1998Jim O’HaraWilling Teacher
1998Justin BuoniShort Fish
1997Butch BuoniThe Most Powerful Sausage
1997Chris PairTo Have Plenty Of Spirit And Hair
1997Joyce WidbySpirit Mother
1997John HootmanTrue Friend
1997Clayton AllportDetermined Grasshopper
1997John SteeleOne For The Younger Brother
1996Trent HendersonLoud Talking Chicken
1996Worker Who Helps Others
1996Brad PearsonTo Beat The Drum Loud And Fast
1996Russell TrowbridgeLittle Boy Who Has Matured
1995Norm BryanOne Who Searches For Big Rock
1995Steve HevelAble Advisor
1995Mike MillerBig One Who Has Authority
1995Terry PearsonHelpful Bearded One
1995Justin SchupskaIndifferent Yellow One
1995Andy VineyardHappy Canoeing Elder Brother
1995Matt VineyardCook Who Is Big And Wide
1995Eric WilsonHairy One Who Is At Leisure
1994Tom MonahonOne Who Searches For North
1994Jimmy HenningRed Headed One In Deep Water
1994Jay WidbyFast Talking Turkey
1993Mike JunkinsBird-Dog
1993James WidbySilent Worker
1993Bill WrightAmusing Woodcutter
1993Jim CrookImpatient Advisor
1993Bill ChartersGood Natured Brother Buffalo
1993Jeff PuryearOne Who Enlightens
1992Thomas BoothLaughing One
1992Clarence WrightFast Talking Horse
1991Greg CzechHelpful Talk
1991Trey HoldenSkillful Swimmer
1991Ken MurrayOne Who Has Spiritual Power
1991Grahan OwensHawk Dancer
1991Jim PuryearAccomplished
1991Bert WrightExcited Hunter
1990Art GreeneBuilder
1990Duane HarriesPrepared Sailor
1990Jarrell PairModest One
1990Donnie ReeseBig Worker
1989Gordon ServiceTeacher
1989A. B. McKie, Jr.Business Manager
1989Graham MurrayOne Who Jumps
1989Steven BanksPerplexed One
1989Carey CrawfordBald-Headed Fox
1988Scott McKinneyFast Talker
1988Kenneth BlackHe Who Does Good For Others
1988Michael AdamsSwimmer
1987David BerlinExcited One
1987Carl AdamsFoundation
1987Charles ThomasMild One
1987Robert ThomasOne Who Speaks Truly
1986Richard StidmanDeligent Worker
1986Chris HolzOne Who Does Good Work
1986Michael ServiceHe Who Receives Honor And Praise
1986William NiemanReliable One
1986James W. SchofieldAgreeable One
1985Robert BouquistLoud Speaker
1985William KlukasQuiet Worker
1985Paul HornerConfused One
1984Bill RainesHelpful One
1984Paul RainesHelpful One
1984Robert GrantNoisy One
1983Donald Canady, Jr.Hungry One
1983Dennis ElderSmall One
1983Chip GrantFancy Dancer
1982Donald Canady, Sr.Hard Worker
1982Robert CroomCordial One
1982William LottsLarge One
1981Ezekiel T. HillSwimmer
1981Tom HazelDiligent One
1981John ScofieldOne Who Sings
1981Kenneth SoulObedient One
1981Frank ZimmermanOne Who Enjoys Cooking
1980John A. PearsonWarrior
1980Edwin NortonQuiet One
1980Chuck PowellQuick One
1980Stan PartridgePartridge
1980Henry StricklandLoyal One
1979Charles RayOne Who Does Good Work
1979Robbie ValentineDancer
1979William G. Ball, Jr.Large One
1979Rick GallowayHe Who Returns
1979John P. DraughonHe Who Has Good Spirits
1979John E. PearsonRattle Snake
1978Taylor PowellDeep Thinker
1978Andrew C. MarineFriendly One
1978Gary C. CarterWorthy One
1978Gregory A. FranciscoHe Who Is Concerned
1978David P. EarnestCapable One
1978Robert A. Rowe, IIDancer
1978Paul GeerDreamer
1977Robert BowmanBow Man
1977Tom DillTall One
1977Stuart FrontrothOne Who Creates With Hands
1977Robert PerryStrong One
1977David ScottenLittle One
1977Albert SymondsOne Who Instructs
1977Robert WeaverThin One
1976A. S. FerrarHe Who Serves
1976John FerrarOne Who Persuades
1976Jimmy GeerHappy One
1976Melvin HolleyOne Who Delivers
1976Jeff NewmanActive One
1976Wallace ShealyTalker
1976David SurrettHard Worker
1975Tommy FraizerGood Natured One
1975Kalvin GallagherReady One
1975David GeerCrane
1975Guyton ThompsonOne Who Instructs
1974Earl L. Babbitt, IIIBig Brother
1974Charles BensonLittle One
1974George FerraInquiring One
1974Steve MillinsQuiet One
1974Charles QuarlesExcited One
1974Earl L. Babbit, Jr.Peaceable One
1974Lee EdenfieldOne Of Calm Mind
1973Edward DannemillerVisitor
1973James MossDancer
1973Peyton NorthingtonTreasurer
1973Arthur SparksFisherman
1973Henry Turner, IIIWeasel
1973Robert C. WeaverRed Headed One
1973Edward WeigleHe Who Gives First Aid
1973James E. Wicker, Jr.Hungry One
1973Dale WalshRed Headed One
1972Jack C. BurgessHe Who Gets Attention
1972Multon DannemillerTruthful One
1972Michael HarryTall Chief
1972William C. LancasterHe Who Looks Beyond
1972W. Clay LancasterDeterminded One
1972William NorthingtonOverseer
1971Calvin BensonForemost Leader
1971Mark BensonThe Tall One
1971Jack F. MooreBig Man
1971James ShippBig Bear
1970Dana BowdenBob White
1970Sammy KelleyBlack Fox
1969Carlos ArostequiAccomplished One
1969Lewis BakerQuick One
1969Walter BakerOne Who Has Confidence
1969Harwell HendreeReliable One
1969James SloanPanther
1969Robert C. SloanCalm Minded One
1968John BowersThoughtful One
1968Bill BrannenBlack Fox
1968Jack M. DavisHard Worker
1968Bob SmithSmall One
1967/6Milton Brigg Sr.One Who Instructs
1967/6Ken Conrad, IIIHelpful Conrad
1967/6George Handley, DSEOne Who Instructs
1967/6Dennis LieberWitty Treasure
1967/6Steve LineberryHard Worker
1967/6James NewmanElder Brother
1967/6Steve PakkalaOne Who Does Good Work
1967/6Gould RobbDeep Water Swimmer
1967/6John SchafferDetermined Secretary
1967/6Timothy TodistQuiet Candor
1967/6Foss WhiteExperienced Lamp Carrier
1965Richard ButlerThoughtful One
1965Don HairOne Who Has Proven True
1965Alvin HopeOne Who Creates With His Mind
1965Jack KellyGrey Fox
1965John ThompsonThe Loyal One
1965Don G. KarolyiHe Who Makes Others Happy
1964John deTrevilleGentle One
1964Micheal HarrisDiligent One
1964Thomas HowardDancer
1964Mark TennantWilling One
1964Richard WrightHe Who Does Good For Others
1963Donald BatchelorDeer
1963Clifford Bowers Jr.Capable One
1963Jack CooperValuable One
1962/1Norman HeldmanBlue Eagle
1962/1Jeffery HowardHead Chief
1960Joe ShipesThunder Helper
1960John StaffordNight Eagle
1959Ellis BoydUnknown
1959John LarsonUnknown
1959Stewart GarlandUnknown
1958James PurcellUntiring Worker
1958Bob WhiteEnergetic Leader
1957John A. LemaireStrong Heart Greater Service To All
1957Michael SmithFriend To All
1957David StaffordGreat Teacher
1957George StaffordEnergetic Leader
1956Walker BeesonGood Chief
1956Dale B. PurcellInexhaustible Leader
1955Lyman Williams Jr.One Who is Skillful
1955John M. VantreaseTrustworthy Leader
1954J. Paul WhittleExcels All Others

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