Arrow of Light

Upon request, the youth of the Order of the Arrow – Bob White Lodge perform Arrow of Light ceremonies for Cub Scout packs in the Georgia-Carolina Council to recognize Webelos who have achieved the highest award in Cub Scouting. The Lodge performs the traditional Four Winds ceremony which takes about fifteen to twenty minutes depending on the number of recipients. The Cubmaster or Webelos Den Leader assists the Ceremonies team in the presentation of the actual Arrow of Light award chosen by the Pack. The ceremony can be scheduled during a regular Pack Meeting; Blue & Gold Banquet; Campfire or Outdoor activity; or any other appropriate Scouting event.

The ceremonies team needs approximately 30 minutes prior to the AoL ceremony in an isolated room or area to don regalia and to prepare. Therefore, the Ceremony is typically scheduled later in the Pack Meeting Program after other awards but prior to the Pack’s Bridging Ceremony with the receiving Troops, if on the same night. We prefer to allow the Cub Scouts to take pictures with the ceremonialist immediately following the presentation of their awards, if so desired. This allows the Cub Scouts to take their pictures while in their complete Cub Scout uniform and not in a mix of Boy Scout and Cub Scout uniforms.

Due to the Lodge’s available resources, we typically schedule only one ceremony in the Council per calendar night on a first-come, first-serve basis. If an unavoidable scheduling conflict occurs, please e-mail the OA Ceremonies Team Chief or Ceremonies Adviser to discuss potential alternatives.

We look forward to serving your Cub Scouts and Pack in the future!

To register for an arrow of light ceremony from Bobwhite lodge, please fill out the form below.

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